So after 2.5 years i’m single again. I’m not sure what else to say, for once in my life words actually fail me.

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9 thoughts on “solitary

  1. I know how that feels, I just ended a 2.5 years relationship recently. It took some time to sink in, it will hurt, but it will fade, hopefully. And you’ll survive, we all do.

  2. Thanks Sara, I really appreciate your kind words. Still waiting for it to sink in & hurting like crazy, but like you said i’ll survive.

  3. what is up with the 2 1/2 year business? how strange that a lot of us end at that mark. after i ended my 2 1/2 year relationship, i kinda just sat down and thought, “okay…how about we look at things in a different perspective…like the fact that all your extra time alone could be focused on doing something fun by yourself!” and that’s how i got interested in scrapbooking and that’s how i ended up shooting in a pool league full of men who are constant reminders of why i LIKE being single…there’s a lot of thoughts that run through my head when i go through breakups…like, “you know, 5 years from now, today is not going to even be a memory worth looking back at.” i could max out this comment box if i keep going. =) how about blogging about a new topic that interests you? for starters…=)

  4. Sorry to hear that. Remember the old saying, every cloud has a silver lining. It might not be clear where the lining is for now but you’ll figure it out when the time is right. Think positive and sending you big hugs from little ole Adelaide :)

  5. @sierralei I have no idea what the go is with the 2 1/2 year mark, I thought it was supposed to be a 7 year itch not a 2.5 year one!!!!! I’m obviously still processing everything & hurting like crazy, but I have started to focus more on myself. Actually I started a list today of all the things that I have wanted to do (by myself) but just never got around to it or had the opportunity.

  6. @george Thanks sweetheart!! Your hugs are most appreciated & really needed right now, even if they are over the internet hehe. Hope your dating journey has ended up happier than mine.

  7. You’re most welcome. My dating journey is not finished yet. Still going. Still single. Not loosing any sleep over it either. But not regretting the journey. It has helped me meet people that I probably would not have met if I was not single. People who enrich me and help me mature as a person. As much as it is a difficult time, treat it as a time of discovery, do the things you couldn’t do or see with your ex. Could be something as simple as going to an art gallery, or watch that soppy movie.
    And if you ever swing past Adelaide again, I will make sure you get the hugs for real :)

  8. @George Wow I thought you would have been snapped up by some lucky lady for sure by now. But glad to hear that you are enjoying meeting people. It sure is a difficult time, & as much as I want to get out there & do stuff, i’m struggling with just feeling so alone. Its especially difficult that I dont know anyone here.

    I’ll have to go back over to Adelaide soon to cash in on my real hugs hehe. If only you had extendable arms that reached Melbourne :-)

  9. I know how it feels I was single for two years until I be my current bf. I bought every self help book under the sun to figure out what I should do to get a man and keep him. It will get better think of all the positives at least you did not waist another second with the person who was not worth your time.. :)

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